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People and Traveling

"Dedicated to the people making me feeling the eternity..." 
Traveling has been one of the most prominent tourism activity for human being for long years. As people travel more, they meet new people; learn, think and share more. Then they  continue to travel more to feel the same feelings, to share the moments and "feel the same" with the people from different cultures, languages, histories and way of thinkings. No matter how they look like, how they dress up or what they eat. They can teach and make others "enjoy the moments" which should be considered as "sine qua non" to obtain the peace and happiness. All these things cannot be bought however, they can make the soul richer and help people to discover their inner worlds. They make people feeling in a dream that they never wanted to leave. 
Sometimes people may have more reasons to travel. They may trigger each other to travel to meet again and share more. This makes the people feeling like a puzzle waitings to be "completed" or more peaceful as the others contribute their lives and open new doors.
The people that you met can make you visiting a country just to make a special surprise and meet with old friends coming from different countries. You can travel to other countries thanks to people that you met and had some time to spend together; just because you become addicted to Spanish way of living and their culture, their warm hearths; you may wonder the life in Indonesia or you just want to listen "Electric Feel" one more time from the talented Indonesian friend with the others; you may dream to move to Vietnam to open a cafe or restaurant with the Vietnamese friends who want to do the same; you can go to Peru to meet with old friends and visit Machu Picchu or you just want to visit the lovely friends in China and eat Hot Pot again. Then it starts to seem not impossible to go to Switzerland just to have a cup of coffee with the view of the mountains and see the good friends and talk about your dreams. Or you may feel ashamed that you did not know about your neighbor country after you met with the good Iranian friends. In a Hungarian dinner, you, may be surprised that you have almost the same culture with similar food and hospitable people. Friends from Japan, they can make you having dreams that you are in Tokyo and eating good Japanese food. A friend from Finland can show you that they are warmer than you think. The peaceful life in Netherlands! You may just want to be there again with the good friends, talking about your lives while enjoying the cold Grolsh beer under the sun.
People from different countries can make you feel the world and the life better. Then, you just want to have the perfect time to travel, enough money to afford to see the nice people again, even after many years; with the only hope that they are healthy and peaceful in their lives. Then you feel like you get the taste of the life better, sharing everything and feeling the same. You cannot replace this happiness with something else. 
People make you travel. At least they make you dreaming about it. You feel the power of love and friendship. But... When it is time to go home, with a smiling-peaceful face, you have a couple of tears coming down from your eyes with the only wish that one day you will see each other again... Then the only thing that you can do is to calm down, enjoy this feeling and feel the eternity.
The world embraces you with all its warmth and you should do so!
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