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 According to Chinese Zodiac ,2012 is Year of the Dragon  ! 23rd January 2012 and go on till 9th February, 2013. The Year of the Water Dragon started . The dates for the Chinese Horoscope coincides with the lunar calendar and the Chinese New Year will always fall somewhere between late January and mid-February. As with the Western Zodiac, the Chinese have 12 signs that follow in the same order. However, the Chinese name the actual year after one of twelve animal signs.

These Chinese Astrology signs are the rat, ox, tiger, rabbit, dragon, snake, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and pig. Similar to western Astrology, every Chinese Birth Sign has a particular character and qualities. People born in a specific year are believed to take on the character and qualities of the animal after which the year is named.

The Dragon is the fifth sign in the Chinese Horoscope and signifies luck.
Hail mighty Dragon! Your arrival is most welcome. People and businesses around the world have had difficult times over the last few years, so the good luck you bring is timely and needed.

The Dragon is in fact the major symbol of good fortune in Chinese Astrology. The Dragon constellation, for example, is accorded the honor of being the guardian of the Eastern sky. According to tradition the Dragon brings in the Four Blessings of the East: wealth, virtue, harmony and longevity.

The Dragon is not, however, just about money. There will also be fireworks when it comes to love and romance. New love can blossom or an old one rekindle on the spur of the moment. It is relevant here to note the Dragon is closely associated with festivals and celebrations, as exemplified by its status as the star of New Year"s parades. That makes 2012 the perfect year for engagements, weddings and baptisms.

A word of caution. The Dragon is after all a mythical beast. And, after the parade is over, the Dragon is put away for the next occasion. It thus suggests happenings of a transitory nature. So enjoy that new love, but understand it is more than likely just to be a fleeting romance.

So far it"s been all about the Dragon. The fact that 2012 is a Water year is extremely important and demands consideration. That"s because Water nourishes the Dragon"s fixed element, Wood, giving this Dragon a big advantage over the rest of the breed when it comes to bringing good luck. The same holds true for accomplishment. This Dragon is actually going to realize some of those big dreams!

Be daring ! Let yourself get swept up in the high-flying Dragon's enthusiasm !

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