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  • Bir Havuzdan Çok Daha Fazlası Therapıa Spa’da
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  • Alo "176" Turizm İhbar ve Şikayet Hattı

Shopaholic Sophie's Story


Men are 'collectors,' women are 'shopaholics'.You may be a shopaholic queen or a collector king. What do women want? In order of preference, most female compulsive shoppers buy clothes, shoes, jewelry, makeup and compact discs.Men? Clothing, shoes, electronics (TVs, stereos, computers, etc.), hardware and CDs.


Famous shopaholics in history include Marie Antoinette, Mary Todd Lincoln, William Randolph Hearst, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Imelda Marcos and Princess Diana. Their addictions ranged from clothing (Jackie O, Diana) to art and antiques (Hearst) to shoes (the heralded Marcos collection) to gloves (Mrs. Lincoln owned 84 pairs of them).
Advertisers come get in front of us using the myriad of media platforms available today with the unifying message of: "You're not good enough unless you buy my product." Or "You may die if you don't buy my product."

Why we shop :The more I have, the more I am. To Buy or Not to Buy...That is the question ! I will tell two different versions of Sophie's  story  with a shopping or spending issue.Do you have an uncontrollable urge to shop? Got clothes and gadgets still with prices on them? You may be a Shopaholic Sophie ...Sophie Kinsella raced into the UK bestseller lists in September 2000 with her first novel in the Shopaholic series (also published as Confessions of a Shopaholic). The book"s heroine, Becky Bloomwood – a fun and feisty financial journalist who loves shopping but is hopeless with money – captured the hearts of readers worldwide .Becky Bloomwood came to the big screen in 2009 with the hit Disney movie.

Sophie's World  is a novel by Jostein Gaarder published in 1991. It sold more than 30 million copies and is one of the most successful Norwegian novels outside Norway. Mostly consisting of dialogues between Sophie Amundsen and a mysterious man named Alberto Knox, interwoven with an increasingly bizarre and mysterious plot, Sophie's World acts as both a novel and a basic guide to philosophy .

Sophie Amundsen is fourteen years old when the book begins. She begins a strange correspondence course in philosophy. Every day, a letter comes to her mailbox with a few questions and then later in the day a package comes with some typed pages describing the ideas of a philosopher who dealt with the questions.

"A man will never love you or treat you as well as a store. If a man doesn"t fit, you can"t exchange him seven days later for a gorgeous cashmere sweater. And a store always smells good. A store can awaken a lust for things you never even knew you needed. And when your fingers first grasp those shiny, new bags…"Sophie Kinsella -Confessions of a Shopaholic

"The most subversive people are those who ask questions. Acting responsibly is not a matter of strengthening our reason but of deepening our feelings for the welfare of others."Jostein Gaarder - Sophie's World Be Smart Sophie ! According to Versace, "When a woman alters her look too much from season to season, she becomes a fashion victim.”

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